I am so excited to be setting up this website to show my spiritual journey and work available to the world. I have been practising Neo-Wiccan ritual work since I was very young and have been guided by my Grandmother who was a sea-witch. I am a solitary practising witch and have branched out into making and selling ritual and creative items which I sell at psychic fayres and through my online shop etsy: Jewelofthecraft. I also offer private spell work which I have detailed in my spell work page. Please see details for specific work I have done and for work that I offer. I have had some fantastic reviews about my energy and am trying to learn and grow as much as I can.

I practice solitary witchcraft and like to create items of spiritual purpose.

I like to work with oils, crystal, chants, sigils, tarot and collect all my items required to create amulets and talismans with specific intention energy.

Specific Surrey Witch Private Spell Work taken on. I will use various scrying methods and like to do an initial consultation to understand where your life and spirituality lies and which direction your path is heading. I will then recommend various chants, oils, herbal remedies and spell work for us to ensure that you understand yourself better and can ensure that you are moving in the right direction to achieve a higher state of being


Please contact me at jewelofthecraft@gmail.com




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