Anti-Depression Ritual

Mint anti-depression ritual

This spell is to trade depression for ambition. You will need: one green candle, honeysuckle, hazelnut, lavender and mint – oils, leaves, flowers or sprigs. Arrange the herbs around the candle, or sprinkle the oils on the candle. Then light the candle, visualize how you would like your life to be and when the image is complete and vivid chant the following spell nine times: “Chains of depression shatter, anxiety and lethargy scatter. I make the transition, with seeds of ambition. With new drive I acquire all that I desire. This is my will, so shall it be. Harm to none, nor return on me.” Allow the candle to burn down. You can use the leaves and petals of the flowers as charms and carry them around with you. Their scent will help to enhance the effectiveness of the spell. Repeat this spell whenever you feel depressed or in a rut.