Spiritual Intent

I wanted to write up a bit about the foundation of all the work that I do. During my journey and experiences I have found the importance not only of belief but intent. In order to manifest and create your own desires you must believe them as currently being reality. Sometimes spell work does not have the outcome you wanted and this could well mean that your intent was misaligned.

I love doing ritual and spell work and find that you can dip in and out of various books but mostly you find your own way and items that work with your energies. As creatures we have such potential that we leave untapped and can make life very difficult for us. Being spiritual or of a ‘higher vibration’ can mean that we are sensitive individuals and therefore we can soak up life’s energies like a sponge. It is so important that we ground and protect ourselves as we can be left feeling very low and down.

Before order normally lies chaos and as such we have to relent to this in order for things to move in the right direction. Spell work and meditative work can make things move very quickly and this can feel like we are being pulled out of our comfort zone. Hold fast and trust your intent as this is very much key to you gaining the enlightenment that you desire. You are asking spiritual gods/goddess/beings to aid you with your intent by lending their energies to you to manifest this into being. With this comes responsibility to honour and trust their direction as they can view life/time/space in a very different way. This is why wording and deities used within spells are so important to the results and directional outcome that we get.