Unknown Tarot

I have recently purchased the pack Unknown Tarot

What beautiful artistry and wonderful ideology of natural, raw emotion rather than the depiction of people in certain life situations. I feel this deck takes the reader to a new level of understanding and opens more avenues of the spirit. I wanted to give a view of some of my ways of understanding this deck:

When I meditate on the Chariot in the Universal Waite pack or the witches tarot I find that the image takes me in and tells me that there is progress, forward action rather than positive pondering. The foundations have been set and the person is independently moving forward with their idea. Taking the magician’s inspirational wand and driving it into the future.

The unknown tarot gives me a stronger sense of determination. I see the sun in the background as a strong positive driver of success and fearless action. The moon on the third eye chakra shows me that this emotion is attuned with spiritual, raw power. The pentagram around the horses neck shows me that they have the raw power of the each element behind their drive, much like the magician but this is motion or drive. Raw intent. The horse is independently choosing the path. The horse meaning is movement, independence and fertility. It is an animal associated with fire and mars.

When I look at the Universal Waite Tarot I really dislike the Fool card. To me this person looks like an idiot about the step off a cliff with no real idea of the dangers. Yes the hear is in the right place and it shows beginnings of a journey with immature potential but the fool in the card just irritates me.

I like the Unknown depiction of the fool as it shows to me the innocence and sweetness of the chick about to take a leap of faith. The notion that the step has to be taken in order to progress with the first stages in life. If the chick does not take this step he is bound to that branch and this is not a good concept. As chicks cannot fly it will have a flapping panic to it’s next stepping stone. The dawning sunrise in the picture (this is what I see) shows that the sun’s potential of success with this first adventure is clearly in the chick’s mindset. There is a belief manifesting of the ideal start to this journey.